Walk Sections – Rock Platform


Rock Platform History The Long Reef Aquatic Reserve was declared primarily to protect the marine invertebrates and sub-tidal marine plants and animals. Isobel Bennett AO (1908-2007, at right) was a marine conservation pioneer whose work on Sydney’s rock platforms led to the establishment of the Aquatic Reserve in 1980 by the state government. The reserve [...]

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Walk Sections – Fisherman’s Beach


Fisherman's Beach Fishermen's Beach Grasslands History The restoration of the Kangaroo grass Themeda australis grasslands (left) above this beach was the start of Reefcare community volunteers activities in 1997. For a complete History of Fisherman’s Beach see our Fishermen’s Huts 1870s Page. Banksia Integrifolia Interest Spots Fishermen’s boats, old winches and the last of the fishermen’s huts. These are [...]

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Walk Sections – Headland, Lookout and Point


Headland, Lookout and Point History In 1997 Long reef headland was almost completely over run by the weed Bitou Bush (right) - the glossy leafed shrub with yellow flowers. The weed had spread right down the New South Wales coast and on Long Reef had smothered the native Kangaroo Grass Themeda australis that once covered the headland [...]

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Walk Sections – Boardwalk and Beach


Boardwalk and Beach Left: Boardwalk and Bridge, Right: Surfing Long Reef's Bombora History The boardwalk (left) was built in 2001 and the timber bridge has only recently been built by the Warringah council. This section follows the new Greenlink Walk along behind the sand dunes to Long Reef Surf Club and around to Griffith Park. [...]

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