Reefcare report for Saturday 6 August, 2022

It was a small group on Saturday, but we got through a mountain of work.  Josh and Alex spent until morning tea collecting Turkey Rhubarb bulbs – they collected so many that with the weed bag only about ¼ full, it was hard to lift.  Here they are, (photo attached) proud as punch with a nice little collection of bulbs – and the competition was on, as to who found the largest bulb.  Claire targeted some thistles and Burr Medic on the flat before joining Jarrah, Izzy, Gabby and Ivana removing Kikuyu and Buffalo grass off the Lomandra along the northern line just above the sand dunes.  Lisa worked on Bromus along the track.  Julie worked on removing bitou seedlings in a previous cleared area where we have done some planting and did some scrape and poison on some Bitou with a diameter larger than 3”, hoping that will work.

After morning tea Josh and Alex and Gabby planted the 10 plants we had in the gully where Julie was removing bitou seedlings.  Lisa finished on the Bromus around the same time that the others all finished removing Kikuyu and Buffalo grass off the Lomandra – and so we headed up to that little gully area and did weeding of blackberry nightshade, thistles and Ehrharta, until we finished just after 12:00, leaving plenty to follow up on for next month.

Claire with Kikuyu being added to the pileIzzy, Jarrah and Ivana working on removing Kikuyu and Buffalo grass offthe Lomandra