Boardwalk and Beach

Boardwalk Bommie
Left: Boardwalk and Bridge, Right: Surfing Long Reef’s Bombora


The boardwalk (left) was built in 2001 and the timber bridge has only recently been built by the Warringah council. This section follows the new Greenlink Walk along behind the sand dunes to Long Reef Surf Club and around to Griffith Park.


From the sand dunes above the beach you look out into the bay and the “Bombora”, Long Reef’s famous surf riding spot. In the sand dunes many coastal flowering plants are found growing. See our Coastal Plants fact sheets for more.


Flowering natives can be found such as Beach Sowthistle (right) Sonchus megalocarpus, Scaevola albida, Dianella and Imperata which all flower during spring and summer. Bushes of Coastal Beard Heath Leucopogon flower July-September. Guinea flower Hibbertia scandens vines has a bright yellow flower and native Lily Dianella a blue flower with bright fleshy blue fruit. Coastal Pigface Carpobrotus have bright pink flowers.The dune area is a natural habitat for birds of prey – Kestrel, Black-Shouldered kites and Whistling kites. On the beach opposite the Board walk in the shelter of a small bay Crested and Caspian Turns are a common sight.

Walk_View Sowthistle
Right: Beach Sowthistle