Discover Long Reef

Welcome to the Long Reef Aquatic Reserve and Wildlife Protected Area. It is valued for it’s variety of protected marine plants and animals. The Greenlink Walk around the headland provides superb coastal views and takes you through the newly declared Wildlife Protected Area. Please look through this website and enjoy the spirit of Long Reef.

Long Reef Aquatic Reserve celebrating 40 years

Long Reef Birdlife

Long Reef’s Headland grasslands and Rock Platform plays host to a wide variety of bird life.

Dangerous Marine Animals

Octopuses, together with squid and cuttlefish are highly intelligent predatory molluscs, and one of the largest and most complex invertebrates.

Conservation Articles

Clematis on site

Wednesday 16th September 2020 I was wandering around our site this morning just checking out

How you can help

Become a Wildlife Reporter and help promote Marine Wildlife conservation.

History Articles

Marine Fossils

In 1986 Australian Museum experts uncovered the fossilized bones of a Labyrinthodont amphibian on Long Reef.

Ship Wrecks

Bill, a local fishing identity, remembers back in the mid 1940s on a local school visit seeing a shipwreck on Long Reef’s north side.


Photos of Long Reef