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Members Photos

1st June 2019 – Reefcare update

We had a great turn out today despite the threatening weather. We saw Willy wagtail, Nanking Kestrel, a couple of Osprey and lots of Swallows today.

The Bitou on the western side was seeding profligately so more time was spent collecting seed than removing bushes.  The Bitou people keep heading east and are doing a fantastic job. 

We had plenty of weeding on the eastern front – and building branch walls  to stop people cutting through the site. The other side of the track is suffering from erosion so we keep putting down cutting and planting more pigs face to reduce erosion.  Parts of this area is starting to look really good.

6th April 2019 – South Eastern Area

Yesterday some of  the Reefcare volunteers worked on the south eastern side of the site of the track down to the headland. It is particularly steep and to do any more work in this area would require someone with ropes to secure them should they fall. 

We have cleared to the north of this site and are now moving south. Where the Bitou remains the Themeda is an absolutely amazingly perfectly condition, it just beautiful. This soil is quite rich and has some volcanic soil which can be found in areas around Long Reef.  In May as we hope to plant about a dozen more Themeda in this cleared area in the good volcanic soil.

Update – N.E. part of Reefcare site update (the burnt area)

In 2016 this area was burnt by deliberate fire, destroying a reasonable area of Bitou (less work for us). After the fire happened, we planted some Pigs Face to stabilise the exposed sand dunes. Here are a few photos showing this area as it looks today. The Pig Face is doing really well along with Spinifex grass. We monitor this site each month and when ever Bitou tries to regrow we remove out the seedlings. 

2nd March 2019 – Our March group

3rd November 2018 – Our Star Bush Regeneration Group

Although we only worked to 10:30 due to the heat, there was still a lot of great work done on the site. More Bitou has been cut back on two fronts one on the western slope and then on the flat to the east of the track. The weeders concentrated on the Oat Grass which is seriously much worse than it was last year – by attacking it from the top along the track down, we aim to stop more of the seeds heading downhill to our site.

Left and Middle: Images from our October Working Bee. These magpies were unusually friendly, approaching the volunteers singing, looking for food. 
Right: A photo of bitou removal on the top southern western slope.
Left: Northern eastern slope a year apart
Right: A Before and After – this is on the most eastern point of our work area at Long Reef. This image shows the difference over a year, the work our volunteers have done to prevent erosion on site. 

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