The Reefcare Volunteers

Formed in 1997, Reefcare is a registered non-profit Land Care group and members register with Northern Beaches Council’s ” Northern Beaches Friends of the Bush”.  Activities are contained to the “Non Leased” areas of Griffith Park, Long Reef headland and foreshore of the Aquatic Reserve. Northern Beaches Council manages the park under the ‘Griffith Park Plan of Management’.

What we do

Reefcare volunteer Bush Regeneration group meet on the first Saturday of each month (except January), 9am to 12pm – at the end of the car park at Long Reef, Dee Why, (Past the Long Reef Golf Club and Fisherman’s Beach).  Members arrive around 1/4 to 9 to sign on and discuss the day’s work, before walking out to the headland for our starting time at 9:00am.  Reefcare work in the Long Reef point area to increase the genetically specific native Themeda grasslands which were the original plant of this area. Sturdy full covered shoes (compulsory), hat, sunscreen, long pants and long sleeves which is great to prevent scratches and sunburn, are highly recommended.  Bring water and a snack for morning tea around 10:30 when we get together to chat. You will need to confirm your place so please email us to join the next meet up.


  • Work on a meaningful conservation project to protect the Themeda grassland
  • Tools and gloves are provided
  • Training is provided on site by the Council appointed Supervisor
  • Learn to identify and deal with Bushland Management issues
  • Native plant, weed & fauna identification
  • Registered under Northern Beaches Council’s insurance

Please contact us to find out more and join Reefcare.

History of Reefcare

Eight local residents – Rowena Barnett, Margaret Cox, Jane Easton, Ian Lambert, Lisa Lambert, Penny Lanser, Ben Wong and Peter Miller – met on Long Reef in 1997 and formed Reefcare and then joined “Friends of the Bush”. They started with a small Catchment grant of $1,700 to produce an information brochure about Flora & Fauna habitats at Long Reef Headland and the Aquatic Reserve. Their first project was to remove noxious weeds from the Fisherman’s beach grassland.

Today Reefcare group has a large group of community volunteers who meet each month to regenerate and conserve remnant areas of grasslands, sand dunes and marine migratory bird habitats on Long Reef’s Aquatic reserve. The group has raised grants totaling over two hundred thousand dollars for this conservation work. Grants received from NSW EPA, Coastcare, Natural Heritage Trust with full support from the Northern Beaches Council.

Reefcare believes in the conservation of bird species, their habitats and Biodiversity. The impact of human activities can result in the loss of natural resources, which impacts bird life – an indicator in analyzing Biodiversity priorities.


Reefcare Volunteers Long Reef – Awards

An award winning Northern Beaches Council volunteer group

2000 Warringah Council’s Reefcare group, Grasslands restoration, Sydney winner National Parks & Wildlife Award.

2001 Warringah Council – Dee Why/Long Reef beach. Sydney winner Clean Beach award winner.

2001 Warringah Council Volunteers/Reefcare Group, Conservation Award winner.

2003 Warringah Council – Dee Why /Long Reef beach. Warringah Council volunteers including Reefcare, Conservation Award winner.

2004 Sydney Region and State Winner – Clean Beach Challenge. The Natural Heritage Trust Conservation Award, for the Greenlink Walk. Included were other community groups – Fishcare Volunteers Long Reef and Long Reef Surf Life Saving Club.

State award winners, Reefcare Volunteers 2004


2006 Clean Beach award for Sydney – awarded to Warringah council, Reefcare Long Reef & Dee Why beach SLSC.

In 2007 the Greenlink Walk was selected as one of Sydney’s top ten projects by the Australian Government – Natural Resource Management. See here for details:


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Aerial photos of headland and rock shelf.

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Birdlife page – Golden Plover photo. Wildlife Watch page – Small Ruddy Turnstones, Grey-tailed Tatlers and Whimbrel photos. Great Cormorant page – Great Cormorant photo. White Bellied Sea Eagle page – White Bellied Sea Eagle photo.

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Wildlife Watch page – Large Ruddy Turnstone and Sooty Oystercatcher photos.

Reefcare is a registered Coastcare group.
A.B.N. 47 516 726 501