Although we only worked to 10:30 due to the heat, there was still a lot of great work done on the site. More Bitou has been cut back on two fronts one on the western slope and then on the flat to the east of the track. The weeders concentrated on the Oat Grass which is seriously much worse than it was last year – by attacking it from the top along the track down, we aim to stop more of the seeds heading downhill to our site.

Left and Middle: Images from our October Working Bee. These magpies were unusually friendly, approaching the volunteers singing, looking for food. 
Right: A photo of bitou removal on the top southern western slope.

Left: Northern eastern slope a year apart
Right: A Before and After – this is on the most eastern point of our work area at Long Reef. This image shows the difference over a year, the work our volunteers have done to prevent erosion on site.