Thankfully and finally a beautiful sunny day, after being severely rained out the last two designated working bees at Long Reef.  The Bromus which had been heading down to our site over the last two years has unfortunately made a significant impact on our site.  I tried to get Council to do something about it last year, but that didn’t happen, so probably explains why we have so much on our site – as it was about to seed just about all of us spent the whole time targeting this weed – Jarrah, Claire, John, Kristy, Alex, Josh and myself. 

Julie worked on the far western side removing bitou seedlings, weeded the new plantings that Des put in last year (where most are surviving) cut/scraped and poisoned four big bitou.  Merrilyn and Brad weeded on the western slope with Merrilyn concentrating on her pet hate – Gladiolus caryophyllaceous hybrid.  Brad on top of weeding planted about a dozen plants which Lisa Calder had brought from Curl Curl Community nursery, with seeds/ cuttings from our site.

About 20 minutes before 12 Lisa realised that the red hue over the dead Westingia was Turkey Rhubarb – so six of us rushed across to behead this ghastly vine of all the seed heads.  So, next job will be to get down and remove all those red bulbs.  Will we ever get the time to target Kikuyu?