Great haul of turkey rhubarb tubers, Tayla!

Luckily the day was not too hot compared to the week before and there was a slight breeze onto our working area of the northern side of our site.

We were hoping with the lack of seasonal weeds to start tackling the kikuyu and buffalo grass on the northern dunes and just east of the main track, but that did not happen!

Unfortunately, we had to spend our time on more follow up of the two Turkey rhubarb (Acetosa sagittate- it is a native to Southern Africa) areas.  Julie, Claire, Des and John spent their time on the area just north of the Bush regeneration sign on the left – this is an area we have now been working on for about 3 years – it is getting less, but it requires constant follow up.  The tube stock planted there previously over the past few months are alive and a couple are doing really well – here’s hoping we get some good shrubs going to compensate for the loss during all the wet weather of a considerable proportion of Westringa dying.  The other area was of the one we found in November last year in the middle of a ring of Westringa (found due the dying mature plants), it has probably been there for some time un-noticed but Jarrah, Tayla and myself worked there until John joined us for awhile.  Tayla and Des were a little late in joining us as down the bottom slope, as  they spent some time with a little area just off the track to get rid of a small patch of non-native pigs face and an asparagus fern.  Des after this interlude scouted the site for new bitou plants and asparagus fern which he found was more work than just scouting.

Turkey rhubarb hunting in the “nest”

At morning tea, Merrilyn and Brad arrived.  John presenting us all with a Calypso ice block!  I’d never seen one before, but it was really lovely and everyone enjoyed this generous gift and thought by John for the group.  It was exceedingly well received.

Jarrah at work

Whilst enjoying our Calypso ice blocks I updated the group with regard to the inaugural meeting I attended on 2 February in the Fisherman’s room at Fisherman’s Beach, Long Reef, by Robynne from Northern Beaches Council to create a ‘Friends of Long Reef’ group – her previous experience being in creating the now well established ‘Friends of Cabbage Tree Bay’.

After morning tea, Jarrah, Tayla, John and I went back to the Turkey rhubarb in the middle of the Westringa, Julie and Claire worked in this area until finished and then worked on Dandelions on the flat.  Brad, Merrily and Des went back to the gully to weed and plant the 6 tube stock that we had for this month.

Another beautiful day enjoying and protecting nature