The Rock platform – Sea grass, algae & anemones,
Long Reef Aquatic Reserve

Written by: Fishcare Volunteers Long Reef
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  • Sea grass (Zostera capricorni)

    Occurs as meadows in shallows of estuaries & coastal lagoons. Found growing in Long Reef rock pools – rare for coastal waters.

  • Neptune’s Necklace (Hormosira banksii)

    Neptune’s Necklace is a brown alga that flourishes in rock pools & intertidal rock surfaces.

  • Sea Lettuce/The small alga (Champia compressa)

    The small alga is a brilliant iridescent green.

  • Globe Algae (Colpomenia sinuosa)

    Globe Algae is a permanent dweller on L.R. rock platform.


  • Leather Kelp (Eklonia radiate)

    Leather Kelp forms a long conical holdfast stem ending with a broad flat blade. Species occurs below low-tide level.

  • Strap Weed (Posidonia australis or Phyllospora comosa)

    Strap Weed shown growing on the shell of a Decorator Crab. These crabs camouflage themselves by attaching living seaweed to their carapace.

  • Anemone (tuberculosa)

    Anemone also known as Swimming Anemone, orange coloured and free moving. Shown next to a Red algae encrusted shell.

  • Waratah Anemone (Actinia tenebrosa)

    Waratah Anemone appears as a dark red blob, but when the tide comes in its full beauty becomes apparent.

  • Anemone (Phlyctenanthus australis)

    Anemone remains permanently attached to the reef & has bulbous close-set swellings. It has reddish-brown tentacles when open.

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