It was a beautiful sunny morning with a very calm sea as we met in the carpark for another morning of bushcare. Des and Maria got straight to work on the asparagus fern babies growing on the hill, while Alex and Ivana stayed on the flat and obliterated the burr medic (Medicago polymorpha) in a huge patch. There is a neat before and after photo of this area in the gallery below! The burr medic is seeding again, but most of the lower track is still clear of the weed. Our work in that area from last winter has paid off.

John and Kathy worked on the Turkey Rhubarb growing in the “nest” which is a bare piece of ground surrounded by Westringia shrubs. Most of the Turkey Rhubarb from that patch is gone now, and can soon be planted with natives.

After a nice morning tea, we continued working, keeping an eye out for humpback whales. The good weather brought out many visitors walking down the steps, and Ivana and Alex received lots of questions about bushcare, which may result in a few new recruits! Kathy and John took a break from the Turkey Rhubarb and helped Ivana and Alex finish the burr medic, after collecting a few brown beach bean pods (Canavalia rosea). These will be propagated at the nursery and replanted back on the site.

Beach beans!