Morning tea with the group and some shared delicious treats. Photo by Lisa.

Lisa removes Turkey Rhubarb tubers from the flat area.

In the morning Julie returned to her usual place on the north slope over the fence and found Des there clearing the non-native pigs face from around the plantings. He was also working on removal of asparagus fern.

Julie had 5 litres of water (mixed with soil conditioner) so she watered all the newish and older plants on the slope advising that most were surviving and stable.
Julie cut/scrapped/painted herbicide on another 3 bitou clumps.

Spider with egg sack. Photo by Denise.

Up on the western slope was Brad, Merrilyn, Gen and Stella weeding -mainly Burr Medic and asparagus fern, later in the afternoon they did some Bitou removal. Lisa, Claire, John, Denise, and Kathy worked on the Turkey Rhubarb on the flat – it really is diminishing in this area, so hopefully we can plant it out in a few months – we live in hope!

John and Lisa did some work in the area that we call ‘the nest’ of Turkey Rhubarb removal, but there is still quite a bit still to be done on the eastern part of this patch. At morning tea John told us about some of his volunteer work with Sydney Wildlife Rescue whilst we ate the delicious Anzac biscuits he brought along, as well as some divine bread and hummus which Kathy also brought along for the group – both were a great hit with the

After morning tea Lisa, Claire, John, Denise, and Kathy worked the middle western area of the site targeting Burr Medic and then removing two small patches of non-native pigs face which was growing over some lovely Themeda.