Friday 5 February, 2021

Carnavalia Rosea Vine – 1st Time on Site

Lisa Calder – Reefcare Co-ordinator was wandering around the site this afternoon checking for the immediate work required for the next working bee due Saturday 6 February, 2021 – (Reefcare had not attended the site for two months, as they do not work the first Saturday of  the month in January) and found a vine with a beautiful pink pea shaped flower – it was quite a size and had a number of ‘beans’ – so hopefully this will generated into new plants of  Canavalia rosea.  Thanks to Catriona Wagg from Northern Beaches Council who was able to identify this plant from Lisa’s photo.

This is very exciting for Reefcare, as we now found another new native plant on site since the first sighting of Clematis in September, 2020 – and we are hoping maybe Catriona will be able to propagate from this plant and Reefcare will have a couple more of this native species on site.

Canavalia rosea is a species of flowering plant of the genus Canavalia in the pea family, Fabaceae
Common names include beach beanbay beanseaside jack-beancoastal jack-bean,[1] and MacKenzie bean.[2]Wikipedia –
Scientific nameCanavalia rosea
Order Fabales
Genus Canavalia


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