Protected Area


The Aquatic Reserve is a No collecting area.
With the exception of fin-fish, you cannot collect or harm any marine plants
or animals.

Scientific evidence has shown that the removal of marine invertebrates for food or to use as bait can threaten the ecology of rock platforms. The removal of any animal can limit the long term viability of breeding populations and can impact on the future of that species. The collection of empty shells and dead plants or animals is also prohibited because they provide important habitat or food for living invertebrates.

The penalties for breaking the rules are quite severe. Fisheries Management legislation provides for fines up to $110,000 and on-the-spot fines also apply.

Fin-fish can be taken by line or spear only but you must bring your own bait. Remember that strict bag limits apply to both the numbers and sizes of fish that you catch.

Dogs on a leash are only allowed on the designated Greenlink walkway on Long Reef Headland. Dogs are prohibited from all other areas including the beaches and Long Reef Aquatic Reserve.